Recharge with Pastel Workshops

Aline Ordman initial sketch

Aline Ordman initial sketch

Jockeys in motion, completed demo

Jockeys in motion

Aline's oil painting demo

Aline’s oil painting demo

With spring comes the need to rejuvenate in many ways. My art life has recently been recharged thanks to two master pastelists whose workshops I have attended over the course of the last month.

I will comment first on the Aline Ordman workshop which was hosted by Gallery Artrio located in Hyannis, MA. As one of sixteen artists who congregated at the Guyer Barn, we had the opportunity to observe Aline as she made magic on the paper. Using mid toned Art Spectrum paper, her vine charcoal sketches set the stage for energy and values which would become the foundation for her finished demos.  I truly believe her initial strokes in laying out the composition and values are the key to her finished pastel paintings that dance on the page with color and movement.

The subject matter for the first demo was that of jockeys riding their horses ,,, heading straight for the viewer.  Lots of information and motion created a challenging demonstration which was masterfully executed by Aline as you can see from the photo above. There were 2 additional demonstrations over the course of the two day workshop, each with a distinct purpose and a lesson to convey.

Loved how Aline was very confident in her selection of pastels, always relating to value to tell the story. We had an opportunity to test this approach as we participated in several “10 stroke” exercises.  She set up a series of simple stills such as a single apple, a head of garlic or a red pepper and we had to use only 10 strokes to “sculpt” the image in pastel. A valuable exercise to recognize the power of each pastel mark.

I hope to take what Aline shared and apply the concepts to my future paintings. Join me again soon as I put what I have learned to the test.