Speaking through Mixed Media

Here is a link to my newest video.




As I transition to creating more mixed media, acrylic and collage paintings, my talented husband Ken, using his skills in photo documentation has but together this 3 minute video. It shows the process from original “outline” on canvas, through the collage stage, on to the application of acrylic paints, inks, and aquarelle crayons until it speaks to me as complete.

Much of what I document in these landscapes are local scenes, little sanctuaries of beauty in the area … field that has yet to be sold to a developer for housing, a stand of trees that remains regal until, one day, the trucks and chain saws arrive.

The evolution of my landscape work demonstrates my concern for the rapidly disappearing open space in our communities. There is little breathing space left. By defining these “forgotten” sanctuaries it is my hope the viewer will adopt a renewed appreciation and perspective for the remaining undeveloped land that surrounds them. In stimulating positive responses I aim to influence recognition and support for the conservation and preservation of local green spaces.

Depicting scenes that will stimulate memory and create mood serves as a tool of communication and a source of challenge. What I create is not only a reflection of who I am today; it is the sum of many parts that is tethered by the struggle and the joy.

Resting Anchors 12 x 12

Resting Anchors
12 x 12