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12" x 12" pastel

Thanks for visiting me at Click on any of the links above for a bird’s eye view of some of my recent pastel paintings. Use the contact form for any questions about my work. This home page will regularly feature short reflections and photos of my painting process, upcoming events, discovered resources, plus useful links […]

Warming up with a study

Familiar Path
4' x 4" pastel study

When I schedule a studio day and do not have a particular plan, sometimes it takes a while to get started. The first step  normally includes reviewing my growing file of reference photos, if something excites me, the next step is a simple sketch or notan ( a value study using 3 gray scale markers). […]


Seeking inspiration is a personal thing, We all have our methods to fuel our creativity.  I find it helpful to look at what other artists are creating, especially in your medium.  For a tremendous online pastel show, I suggest visiting the International Association of Pastel Societies web show, simply click here You will not be […]

Painting in themes

Reference Photo

December 10, 2013 I am ready for a new pastel painting theme, having had a great time with painting marshes and trees throughout the summer and fall. Since we are in between seasons here in New England, I went to my reference files for inspiration. Was attracted to some barns, sheds and shacks in my […]