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Day #15 of 30/30

Marsh Coolness_Day_15
6" x 6" Pastel

Marsh Coolness Today’s painting is one that was worked over an unsuccessful first try, I repurposed the paper. The scene is a close-up of a marsh I encountered on a trip from Little Compton through Adamsville to Westport MA. What a pretty drive. The palette turned out to be very cool, which is unusual for […]

Day #9 of 30/30

Indian Brook -Day_9
6" x 6" Pastel

Indian Brook crosses Burnt Swamp Road in the northeast corner of Rhode Island, bordering Massachusetts. In dry years, the brook all but dries up, but in early spring, on a morning quest to explore local beauty which has been untouched by bull dozers, I spotted this field with the brook flowing, what a treat it […]