Day #2 of the 30/30challenge

Romance on Hickory Road 6" x 6" Pastel

Romance on Hickory Rd SOLD

There is a special place in my heart for this section of Route 120 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. For over 30 years it has not changed! Can you believe it? This little stretch of land between Fales Road and Ellis Road has been like an old friend, dependable! Often the little valley is dancing with waist high weeds in striking hues of reds, oranges and golds. On frosty winter mornings, crystallized layers of grey come alive with sparkle. There is always a gift to be had.

On one of my recent 5:30AM adventures to capture the beauty of sunrise scenes, I approached this spot and fell in love with this sunlit scene . . .  Romance on Hickory Road.

All works will be for sale, unframed for $50 if delivered in person locally, $60 for any shipped within the continental US. Shipping outside the country will required additional postage. Email me at if you are interested in purchasing. Looking forward to painting daily …. Day 3, I am on it!