Day #30 of 30/30

Path Revisited_Day_30 Pastel 6" x 6"

Path Revisited_Day_30
Pastel 6″ x 6″

Path Revisited ….

This scene is familiar to me, it is a wonderful private field on Burnt Swamp Road in Cumberland, one of the paintings earlier in the month was Indian Brook. Traveling further down the road, there is one of the last fields before oversized houses have totally revised the landscape. I have always enjoyed this path leading between two trees to another field beyond which is out of view from the road.

Wrapping up 30 Paintings/30 days

It seems appropriate that a path be the subject of my last of 30 paintings in 30 days, as many of my paintings are path oriented, guess it speaks to my “journey” in this process of creating. Thanks for the many comments, “likes, loves and shares”. I am truly honored to have had your attention for a few moments each day in this month of September 2016. Leaving for a week of painting in Ireland on October 1st, perhaps there will be a post or two on location.