New Series Emerges

Drama Dance 15" x 15"

Drama Dance
15″ x 15″

Newport Dusk 15" x 15"

Newport Dusk
15″ x 15″

Almost Night 15" x 15"

Almost Night
15″ x 15″

In the constant quest to seek out sources of inspiration which beg to be painted, I looked to exploring a “time of day” that is elusive yet exciting.

Twilight, dusk, afterlight, sundown … call it what you will. This time of day for me holds mystery, yet it presents itself with much clarity. In the absence of any ambient light, there are many distinguishable shapes and patterns to be observed and savored.  However, once street lights and headlights are introduced the dance of that harsh light on surrounding objects creates a palette of delicious color. Colors that are often under utilized in my pastel box. Colors that take me to a place of experimentation. Colors that are daring and deserving of notice.

This new series I am in the midst of creating has sparked interest in venturing out as dusk approaches. Funny, last night I observed how much activity is brewing on the streets at twilight. Normally I would be snug at home, feet up, reading or typing emails. This new discovery is an extraordinary opportunity to allow new experiences to blossom … in addition to capturing reference, the connection with life on the streets is curious and invigorating.

With this post I am sharing the first three pastels in my Twilight Series. It is my hope that the momentum builds as the exploration of  that magic time of afterglow … eventide … nightfall becomes my newest source of inspiration.