Sharing Passion

Great, attentive and inquisitive audience.

Great, attentive and inquisitive audience.

It was my honor to be the January 2015 Demonstrator at the Franklin Art Association. Kudos to attendees who came out on a frigid, sub zero night to listen and learn. The group, made up of oil painters, watercolorist and pastel painters asked great questions and listened intently.  We discussed favorite pastel products, brands of paper and the temptation to always want to “add” to ones stash of pastels. With hundreds of sticks, we never have too many!  My sincere thanks to all who attended.

In this demo I shared my approach of beginning the pastel painting process with an oil wash underpainting.  This application is particularly successful when painting the landscape.

Underpaintings are a preliminary painting, representing composition, shapes, values and color choices. It is the setup for the final application of pastel. An underpainting enhances the overpainting of pastel. The following are other resources for exploring this technique.

Happy Painting!