Chasing the Light

Morning Lift

Morning Lift 10 x 20

Light Source 12" x 12"

Light Source
12″ x 12″

Chasing the Light … that is what we do as artists who are drawn to observing and responding to the landscape as our painting focus. Light is most dramatic when the sun rises and sets, it is filled with delicious contrast dependent on the atmosphere and season.

Yet, those perfect moments are fleeting, we must capture the memory in our minds, our photos, our sketch book, and make notes about the nuances of color. If we are not able to paint in plein air, we need multiple references for that time in the studio when that light comes alive! We take control of the composition, the palette, the stroke and the medium we choose.

I am drawn to the play of light on paths …whether they be dirt, grass or water, the lure of the light and shadows beckon me. It is my hope that the viewer will take their own personal journey into a painting that speaks to them, being swept away to a place of intimacy.

As a pastel painter, I have over 1400 sticks of pure pigmented color to choose from. Having all of these possibilities at hand is quite empowering. I feel very privileged to have the desire, interest and time to paint. Too see more light filled landscape paintings, check out “Chasing the Light”, an exhibit of pastels by Karole Nicholson and oils by my good friend Colleen Vandeventer … on display at Preservation Framer, North Attleboro MA until September 30th.