Found in Translation

Expressing 6" x 6"

Pastel 6″ x 6″

Expressing - Acrylic 24" x 24"

Expressing – Acrylic
24″ x 24″

We know the term, “lost in translation” but how do we interpret “found in translation”? For me, the term applies to the recent experience I had working in multiple mediums, simultaneously. The project has been rolling around in my mind for many months, this was the summer to “take it on” and make it happen.

Staying in the landscape genre, I created a series of small pastel studies (6”x’6”) using photo reference from my many trips to the Little Compton area of Rhode Island.

Influenced by my recent freedom with color, I used the small study as a starting point for the 24” x 24” acrylic panel paintings. In some cases, I edited the scenes a bit for the larger canvases, but this approach of using the study only as my guide for the large painting has freed me us to concentrate on the application of paint. When painting with acrylics, outside in the summer, you need to move quickly and have a plan, no second guessing. Being forced to paint quickly taught me to value the expressive stokes, use vivid color and incorporate “neutrals … warm and cool grays to hold the palette together. I created the grays by mixing the vivid colors using complimentary colors.

The series includes four 24 x 24 panels and 4 18” x 18” panels, which will be submitted for special gallery consideration in health and healing environment. I will keep you posted. The goal of this series is to transport the viewer to a place of joy and connection. My hope is that they can place themselves in the scene, navigating to the place in the painting which gives them comfort.

This project has been a freeing and fun experience to work in another medium and in a larger format. Who knows where it will lead.